Top 5 Best CMS website builders in 2022 (list)

Are you looking for which best website builders to use for build website in 2022?

CMS (content management system) use for build and customize website without coding using CMS platforms. There are many optons available in CMS.Today I’ll be show you top 5 best CMS platforms for website building.

#No : 1


WordPress is a number one CMS platform in word. world’s more than 40% of websites are build in wordpress. In wordpress you can create your portfolio website, create website for blogging, bussiness website and other 30+ catagory available. WordPress is free open source platform for blogging. You can create your blog under 10 minute and start making money online just write your blog.

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WordPress have a lots of feature for build your site powerfull and fully customizable. In wordpress to make full responsive website, High performance and Make SEO friendly website. For security wordpress provide lots of plugin. wordpress provide 55000+ pulgin to help for build website. You can create E-commerce website using woocommerce plugin. You can manage you website using admin panel

#No : 2

joomla is a free open source content management system. You can upload web content and make portfolio, E-commerce and other 50+ catagory website. Joomla provide 10000+ templates for develop website and mobile friendly system. Joomla is Full flexible and fully customizable like wordpress.

#No : 3


Blogger is also like wordpress and provide 1000+ template. blogger is use for blogging and Blog are hosted by google. Generally blog accessed from a sub-domain which is is complate free which provide by google and hosting also free.Blogger also allowed users to publish blogs to their own web hosting server, via FTP. All such blogs had to be changed to either use a subdomain, or point their own domain to Google’s servers through DNS.

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#No : 4


Magento is a open source CMS platform and empowers thousands of retailers and brands with the best eCommerce platforms and flexible cloud solutions to rapidly innovate and grow. This platform provide digital and physical shopping experience. So, If you want to create your E-commerce site magento is best choice for you.

#No : 5

Wix is famous for create portfolio site. If you want to create your personal website for portfolio or personal branding site this platform best for you. Wix provide to design high quality and highly performance websites. Whether you are promoting your business, show casing your work, opening your store and starting your blog. You can do it all with the wix website builder. You can customize your site with adding new features in your site. Wix provide 1000+ template to create your blog or website.

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