How to create programming language in hindi

How to create programming language

Are you looking for concept behind creating programming language. This is right place for you. Here I’m discuss about how to create programming langauge and I recommand some book for concept of programming language.

Most people confuse about programming language. I know 100% people want to know about how to create programming language and some people looking for information how to build programming langauge and compiler.

Programming fundamental is a peace of puzzle. So, if you want to create your own programming language. It’s take a lots of time. But here I’m gonna show basic need for create own programming language. For create of your own programming language you can use python language, C langauge, etc.

Many people have a one question how do i create programming language. People use many programing language day to day life like C,C++,java,python this is a basic language of programing.So, How do I build my own programing language? So, this type of question have in your mind so today we discuss about how to build your own programing language.
So, First of discuss about what is a programing language? How to use programing language? How works programing language?
So, this type of question is important to understanding about programing language right.

How works programing language ?

For example I talk about C language. So,The C langauge use its own token and own statement like if ,else,for,while,do while,int,float etc. This is type of token in C programing language. So,What is the token? You are create your own programing language first understand programing design and programing token which type of token you can use in your programing language and then you decide what type of programing language use can create like assembly language and other. So,if you really create your own programing language you understand about data structures and interpretetion level of programing language and main understand about compiler.

You understand about how compiler work. How compiler convert human language to mashin language because mashin can not understand human language dairect. So, we need complire to communicate with mashin. So, complire is main term to make your programing langauge
But.. first you can understand design of programing language and this type of tutorial no available in youtube and other type of app.If you can really under stand how to design programing language

For creating programming language it’s take a 4 step

  1. Design of programming langauge.
  2. Implement compiler of programming language.
  3. Implement library of programming language.
  4. Impliment Editor that enable to write code.

Design of Programming Langauge

I’m taking about langauge design not photo or background design. Design means compiler design. The first phase of a compiler is to convert all the character streams to token streams. This is done by a process called lexical analysis. This book will really help to understand about designing concept of progarming language¬†

Download Book for designing of programming language :

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Token and Design of programming language

Implement compiler of programming language

Compilers are complex programs. As a consequence, they’re often broken into several distinct chunks, called passes, that communicate with one another via temporary Compiler passes files.

Download Book for compiler :

Compiler design in c

Implement library of programming language

If you want to create your own programming language. you should implement your language standard library first. What is a standard library ? If you use python langauge or you use java, C, C++. This programming language have it’s own library. For example Scan user input, print string, access file system this all is one type of library. So, this type of library is usefull for user experiance.These are the basic functionalities to interact with the rest of the system. Without them a language is basically useless.

So, These are the basic thing that implement for your programming language. Make sure Programming language is not a fun. It will take time to implement. For more content Subcribe alpha programmer on youtube

Thank you.

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