Top 5 hacking books for beginners

Hello, Everyone. Are you looking for top hacking books for beginners. This is right place for you. Here I’m gonna show you Top 5 hacking books for beginners. Here you can download all books in pdf formate or you can purchase in amazon.

#Book No : 1

BlackHat Python

Python is a very important for cyber security and ethical hacking. In this book main focus on socket programming in python. Because of socket programming help to write script for information gathering in ethical hacking. I hope you like this book.

Brief Contents of BlackHat Python :

  1. Setting Up Your Python Environment
  2. The Network: Basics
  3. The Network: Raw Sockets and Sniffing
  4. Owning the Network with Scapy
  5. Web Hackery
  6. Extending Burp Proxy
  7. GitHub Command and Control
  8. Common Trojaning Tasks on Windows
  9. Fun with Internet Explorer
  10. Windows Privilege Escalation
  11. Automating Offensive Forensics

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#Book No : 2

Hacker’s High school 12 chapter

I highly recommend this 12 chapter to learn every beginners. Because of this 12 chapter give you basic understanding about ethical hacking. In 12 chapter you learn about networking, information gathering and how to became a ethical hacker. All this 12 chapter download link below.

All chapter Name :

  1. Being A Hacker
  2. Basic Command in Linux and Windows
  3. Ports and Protocals
  4. Services and Connections
  5. System Identification
  6. Malware
  7. Attack Analysis
  8. Digital Forensics
  9. E-mail Security
  10. Web Security and Privacy
  11. Passwords
  12. Internet Legalities and Ethics
Hacker High School Security Awarness

Download Link For All Chapter :

#Book No : 3

Unix and Linux system administration

If you want to became a ethical hacker and cyber security specialist then you should know about linux and unix system administration. In fact you should know eveything about linux and windows. So, I’m gonna show you best book for linux administration and everything about linux is available Here. There are four section in this book and each section have 10+ chapter. I hope this book worth it for you.

Table content of this book :

  1. Starting with basic informations
  2. Booting and system management Daemons
  3. Access Control and Rootly Powers
  4. Process Control
  5. The File System
  6. Sofware installation and managements
  7. Scripting and the shell
  8. User Managements
  9. Cloud Computing
  10. Logging
  11. Drivers and the kernal
  12. Printing
  13. TCP/IP Networking
  14. Physical Networking
  15. IP Routing
  16. DNS : The Domain Name System
  17. Single Sign on
  18. Electronics Mail
  19. Web Hosting
  20. etc..

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#Book No : 4

Web application hacker’s Handbook

This book is a practical guide to discovering and exploiting security flaws in web applications. By “web application” we mean an application that is accessed by using a web browser to communicate with a web server. The focus of this book is highly practical. While we include sufficient back-
ground and theory for you to understand the vulnerabilities that web applications contain, our primary concern is with the tasks and techniques that you need to master in order to break into them.

Content of this book :

  1. Web Application Security
  2. Core Defense Mechanism
  3. Web Application Technologies
  4. Mapping the Application
  5. Bypassing Client side control
  6. etc..

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#Book No : 5

Hacker Playbook

This is the third iteration of The Hacker Playbook series. all the new vulnerabilities and attacks that will discussed in book. In addition to the new content, some attacks and techniques from the prior books are included to eliminate the need to refer back to the prior books.

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#Bonus Book

501 website secrets

What kind of secrets are included in 501 Web Site Secrets? Well, there’s parts of a site you didn’t know existed. Or ways to use the site that you weren’t aware of. Or special commands that help you get even more out of the site than you could before. Cool stuff like that and more.

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