How to manage user account in kali linux

Hello Everyone today I’m gonna discuss about how to manage user in kali linux. User management is a one of the most important part of linux administrator. Local accounts or users in Linux like operating system is managed by useradd, usermod, userdel, chage and passwd commands.

  • useradd – command is used to create new accounts in Linux.
  • usermod – command used to modify the existing accounts in linux.
  • userdel – command is used to delete local account in linux.
  • passwd – command used assign password to local accounts or users.

Syntax of Useradd in Linux :

useradd <username> 

Syntax of Userdel in Linux :

userdel <username>

:> By Forcefully delete user

userdel -f <username>

Syntax of see all user account exist in system :

sudo nano /etc/passwd

for more information about linux user management please watch below video for better understanding.

Syntax of sudoers file config :

sudo nano /etc/sudoers

then you can add user which you want to add for priviledge.

Syntax of change password in Linux :

passwd <username>

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