How to link domain to ec2


Hello, everyone this post is all about how to link domain name to your react js web app or node js api in AWS EC2. In this post i’ll show you step by step tutorial. If you want tutorial video, i’ll share my youtube video link below.

If you don’t have an AWS account, continue by first creating a free-tier is given below.

After creating account on aws you have to create linux instance on aws.

On the EC2 Dashboard, select the Launch Instance option.

Once you successfully launch instance you have to deploy your node js or react js web application on instance. i’ll share you one video for full deployment if node api and react js api because this post is all about how to connect domain to ec2. i hope you understand.

Deploy react js app on aws in hindi

Once you deploy react js web app you have to purchase a domain name for your web app. There are many website available for domain like godaddy, hostinger. first you purchase your domain whatever you want.

Once you purchase domain name. you just find DNS management on your dashboard. i show you in my dashboard. i purchase domain name in godaddy.

you just click the manage dns and you see the all default dns record on dashboard. You have to make only one change in record and your work done. In dns record you just click the add button and add A record.

choose type A and for name of record type @ and value is your aws instance public ip address and ttl is 1 hour and click on the add record. Here below is the example of A record of your dns.

Once you follow this all process your domain connect with in 15 to 20 minutes. If you want full video tutorial, i’ll give you video link below.

Link domain to react js app in ec2

I hope you this post will help you. If it is very helpfull for you please share to your friend and if any doubt please comment below.

Thank you 🙂

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