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As you all are aware of Apple products and know that how magnificent are they, some of you might be thinking that how they are developed. Some may be interested in hardware or software. But today I’m going to discuss only about software part. So if you want to learn that thing or want to start the learn but don’t know how to start or what’s the right path, so let me tell you one thing that you’re at the right place to start the magnificent journey towards your shining future.

So let me introduce myself first so that you can get my attention. Myself Anurag Bhanderi and I’m a Bachelors student in Computer Science and also I’m a self-taught iOS Developer as I’m passionate about iOS development. So I started to learn by my own and believe me that’s very amazing journey with many highs and lows. So Here I want to share my learning path that how I become an iOS Developer and How you can be one.

As a beginner, every developer need to learn one programming language to learn iOS development. As you all are aware with many programming languages like C, Java, Python, etc. There is a Language named Swift. Basically there are an older language used for development of iOS application named Objective – C. But now from year 2014, Apple launched more specific new language which is most powerful which you’ll see when you start learning.

Now the question is how to learn Swift language. So the answer is, there is many ways to learn it but the best is you can learn it from the Swift official documentation. And if you’re not fond of reading then there are many ways to learn it. I’ve attached the best YouTube free video tutorials for learning Swift.

Resources for swift language

  1. Paul Hudson :
  2. CodeWithChris :
  3. Yogesh Patel :
  4. iOS Academy :

So There are the best resource which I found very useful when I started learning. And If you’re still reading, then I’ve one surprise for you and you’ll find it at the last of this blog. By this you can become an iOS developer in just 100 Days. Amazing, Now let’s get to next step after learning the Swift language.

After swift language, there are basically two options for you to learn. There are two different frameworks you can learn. UIKit or SwiftUI. Both are used to develop an iOS application. If you want to learn more about both comment down, I’ll share that with you also. UIKit is actually used when objective – c is being used. But after the launch of Swift, In WWDC 2019, Apple surprised every developer by announcing a completely new framework called SwiftUI. It doesn’t just change the way you develop iOS apps. This is the biggest shift in the Apple developer’s ecosystem (including iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS) since the debut of Swift. Both are easy to learn. Below are the link, from where you can learn it :

  1. Yogesh Patel :

So that’s it. Now only one thing left for becoming developer. Practice. If you know the quote : “Practice makes Man Perfect”, So leave unnecessary stuff and start working. That’s the only key..

And as I Promise, Here’s Your Surprise :

Here is the complete course dedicated to all the beginners which is designed by Paul Hudson – 100 Days of Swift :

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