How to introduce yourself in a interview

  • Start with Formal Greetings.

->Good Morning (before 12 noon).

->Good Afternoon(between 12 noon to 4:30 pm)

->Good Evening (4:30 pm to midnight).

After formal greetings, state thank you and finally state your full name(I am/ I’m or My name is/My name’s), here remember to speak your  full name as speaking only first name could sound informal, also stay strickly professional.

  • Talk about your educational background



->If you have really impressive CGPA then only mention it.

->Mention projects you have done and also try to relate it to job.

Sample ans :- I have completed/ currently/ persuing my (degree name)degree from

Institute name.I have consistently been in top 1% or 5% of my class,also I have been a part of so&soo project and make it relevant to job.You can also speak about some additional courses ,skills and awards.

  • Closing statements

This is very important part soo consisly explain why you are applying for the job and how it aligns with your future goal.

Conclude by saying ”That’s all about mee. Thank you”


  • Don’t speak more than a minute.
  • Do not speak like a robot.
  • Be comfortable and speak in natural conversational tone

Wear formal cloths, speak professional, maintain eye contact and stay confident

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